Tenerife is much more than beaches and nature, In addition to its undeniable beauty and privileged geographical position, the Islands is very attractive, also for live for several reasons. In terms of taxation, it enjoys low levels, very under the numbers compared to the rest of Europe. And this fact has reflected in the market of estate agents In Tenerife, making the prices a little better. The agency http://www.sun4free.com , is a testimony, on how this factors have been influenced in the crescent number of investors every year. If you want buy a house in Tenerife, this is the moment, and the best option is to hire a local estate agent. Tenerife has everything you are looking for.



Other important thing to consider, is that the lower taxes, are also good for business investments, such as residential or commercial properties, as you can consult with the estate agents.



Tenerife also, has an important feature for the entrepreneurs. That need to make numbers and to see if with these incentives it is understood to develop all the activity of the company or part of it in the Canaries - one of the options is to create a Society with headquarters and activity in the Canary Islands. These are the advantages, in terms of the inconveniences, perhaps the most important is the cost of transport, which, depending on the activity being carried out, may be an important item, but if the company is a technology or services, for example, it does not seem such a bad idea. Other examples are the online start-ups which provide their services over the Internet, regardless of their location. All these kind off companies seem Tenerife as a business opportunity, associated with quality life.




If you want to know better about the opportunities around the island, consult a Estate agent in Tenerife, that you be able present great offers according to your purpose.


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